Tuesday, 16 April 2013

We are betting :D

Hey guys :D
thought you might want to know, that Janzoo is betting with me.
It's nothing special...
We met a boy, and he had a name which you can write with a "C" or with a "K" at the beginning of it.
Janzoo is sure, that he's written with a "K".
But I KNOW, that he's written with a "C" because he wrote his name on a piece of paper.
As I said, it's nothing special, but Janzoo and I just wanted to share that with you, 'cause we haven't got any privacy anymore O.o
If Janzoo wins, she'll get a "Pick up"
But I can choose what will happen, as soon as I'll win this bet.
keep your fingers crossed and let's hope, that I'll win.
Love you guys :*

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